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Connecting the dots in my CIRCLE research.

On 28th of January, 2015 I left Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana, where I work and live with my family to the Centre for Climate Change Studies (CCCS), University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania. This was my first time travelling to the East. Early in the morning I was greeted in Kiswahili, a language I skipped years ago when I had admission to read Political Science and Kiswahili at the University of Ghana.

This was the beginning of the 11 months journey into my research career away from home. It has been one of the best, working in Ghana and Tanzania.Coming back to Ghana for data collection in March, I worked with research assistants from the University for Development Studies (My home institution), Savanna Agricultural Institute (SARI), and the Mole National Park, Ghana. I had the opportunity to work with a number of people from the office of the CCCS, the Geography department, Botany department and even crossing over to the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and the Kitulanga…

Exploring the next steps for collaboration in research on the climate resilient Bambara groundnut in the Northern Region of Ghana

The African research partners on the study on socio-economics of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc) met on 7 December, 2015 to review the project, set research priorities for future research collaborations and joint publication of research outputs. Bambara groundnut originates from West Africa and is considered a climate change resilient crop due to its tolerance to drought. Research on its use is therefore complementary to the aims of the CIRCLE project. The pilot study, funded by the Crops for the Future (CFF), Malaysia, focused on the production, marketing and processing of Bambara groundnut. One MPhil graduate was trained during the study under the co-supervision of the research team and more graduate students have since expressed an interest in undertaking research on the genetics, physiology and pathology of the crop.

The team comprises Professor George Nyarko, Dr Samuel Donkoh and Dr Olawale Olayide, a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in cohort I of the Climate Impacts…